Micro Spy Kit-X2 for Kids

This belt kit brings together 4 toys that are in other package deals or available separately, but at a better price here ($18.75). I am sure all kids love Batman and want a to be the legendary hero. This waist belt is just like the one Batman has, with a special slot clip for each item; it is adjustable and is a nice durable nylon webbing material. Your kid can also wear the belt over his shoulder like a bandolier. You can see separate reviews at Amazon on each of the separate 4 toys that are on this belt. They are the Micro Voice Scrambler, Nightspyer night Mini-Scope, Spy Motion Alarm and Micro Listener, and I have to tell you this belt gives Batman's utility belt a run for it's money. I will love this for myself right now. The voice scrambler can be useful sometimes