The future generation of video game consoles

Though we are a few years from the future game consoles, it is always interesting to predict what is going to happen next. As you probably are going to guess, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo will be dishing out some new consoles but probably not until 2012 at the latest. The reason has to do with getting the most out of the current systems available. Sony is probably not in a major hurry due to being at the bottom of the barrel but probably going to have to come up with a console that will work and get the market in their favor. Though going for new technology isn't necessarily a bad thing, it proved to not work in their favor, as the PlayStation 3 isn't doing well as a future gaming console. Graphics I'm not so sure can get any better than what we see today because it is getting more and more difficult to pull it off. Innovation can keep going as long as possible but even then that might run out. After these future consoles, it will hard to project what the future will hold for these companies. For Sony, this could be make or break because if this system turns out to be another failure as a future gaming console, it could potentially knock them out of the console race leaving it to Microsoft and Nintendo.

Microsoft: While I don't know the name of the next system but I can guess that the name of this future game console would be Xbox 720. After all, there is the Xbox 360 so by that logic; it will go up to Xbox 720. What I can see is this somehow being able to hook up to a computer and building up emulation with the 360 and original Xbox Consoles. This is the company that is notorious in the gaming world for FPS style of future gaming. Halo is obviously the strongest franchise they have so it's a given that it will be with the next system. I can expect another one like Call of Duty being involved assuming it is still active. You can expect Xbox Live Arcade to be there.

Sony: I can only guess it will be called the PlayStation 4. Looking at Sony, it needs a star franchise and something that has say you can only find this franchise there. I can see it having an option of possibly having 2 CD handlers being one for the PS1 and PS2 and the other being for the PS3 and PS4. It would be a first in gaming without extra add-ons. Sony will be walking in as the underdog and has to focus on games if expected to win the next round and not get too cocky. If it can have 100% emulation of all the games, it will give Sony a huge library.

Nintendo: I wish I knew what it would be called but it could be like Nintendo Universal or something to that affect. If you think about it, it will probably try to come up with even more ideas to be innovative. While the graphics of this future game console will get better with the next console, it won't even try to get to the level of Sony and Microsoft because that's not what they focus on. I can see possibly with body sensors and having ultimate compatibility with GameCube and Wii items. Maybe even a slot to have it compatible with all hand-held systems and continue the Virtual Console. They have the star franchises and that's not the problem.

The future of gaming isn't clear right now but it's sure going to be very interesting in the next generation of consoles. Coming soon could be a talk of future Hand-Held systems. As long as there is competition in the video game world, it'll be great and interesting to see what will happen next.