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The Little Known World Of Biological Storage & Why It's Important

Let's face it, biological storage isn't something most of us think about every day, or even every year. But behind the scenes, in laboratories all across the country, the storage of biological samples is becoming increasingly critical to research into the underpinnings of medical and biological sciences.

It's Not Just a Brain in a Jar Anymore Tissue storage has come a long way since the days of creepy things floating in jars of formaldehyde. Methods are as varied as the reasons for collecting and keeping life form samples. Biologists preserve tissues from:
Field samples for DNA identification;Donors for storage and transplantation;Plants and animals for species or cell line preservation;Research subjects for experimentation and data gathering; The life sciences are vibrant with activity, much of it involving the need for long-term preservation of tissue samples. Scientists have perfected several preservation methods specific to particular needs and lengths of storage, inc…