What are the chances for you to win at sports bets and casino games?

In any gambling there is a percentage of the cashes that the players pay. If at sports betting this percentage can easily be found on each bet type, casino games are a bit more difficult to find. I have, however, proposed to introduce to you in this article the chances that you have to win different online casino games.

Winning roulette odds 
Roulette play is one of the few where the exact payout can be calculated. If you choose to bet on hair / odd or red / black then the winning odds are 50%. If you count on a number then 2. (7)%, if the roulette has 36 numbers. The advantage of the casino is represented by the number 0, which at American roulette is even 2 times. So making some simple calculations means that the European roulette has a payout of 97.3% and the American one of only 94.6%.

Chances of winning at table games 
In the table games category we include Blackjack, Video Poker, Hold'Em, Baccarat, etc. In these types of casino games the winning chances are calculated acco…

Largest leaf vacuum mulchers

Hey, I am back! Sorry for not writing in a while, but my life was a mess. I have started the construction of a new house and all my time was focused on that particular project. In the meantime, the house is complete and I have started my gardening projects. So, there is a chance that this blog will focus more on gardening related topics. Today, I want to talk about leaf vacuum mulchers. 
 Largest leaf vacuum mulchers Every time we find ourselves getting close to autumn, we decide it's time to increase our arsenal of tools. This time, I want to share a cool video that I got from my old friend John from YCS. that I love with some of the best gardening tools that you can buy. These tools are not cheap, but they will elevate your work hours to whole new levels. I think I should buy one of these wood chipper shrdders for myself. This way, gathering all the dead leaves and branches from my mother's house would take less than 2 days. Yep, you have read it well. It takes me 2 days …

A business idea: the gym

Hey, sorry for not writing for a long time. I was occupied with businesses decisions regarding my future. In this regard, I want to share a cool resource that I found the other day. While I was talking with a friend the other day about starting a gym, I discovered that I have no knowledge on this type of business. I'm new to this, so I searched on the Internet for few advice on how to keep such endeavor as healthy as possible and how to maximize the experience of your customers. After reading endless tutorials and pieces of advice, I found this infographic that delighted me and put a new light on the matter.
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The Little Known World Of Biological Storage & Why It's Important

Let's face it, biological storage isn't something most of us think about every day, or even every year. But behind the scenes, in laboratories all across the country, the storage of biological samples is becoming increasingly critical to research into the underpinnings of medical and biological sciences.

It's Not Just a Brain in a Jar Anymore Tissue storage has come a long way since the days of creepy things floating in jars of formaldehyde. Methods are as varied as the reasons for collecting and keeping life form samples. Biologists preserve tissues from:
Field samples for DNA identification;Donors for storage and transplantation;Plants and animals for species or cell line preservation;Research subjects for experimentation and data gathering; The life sciences are vibrant with activity, much of it involving the need for long-term preservation of tissue samples. Scientists have perfected several preservation methods specific to particular needs and lengths of storage, inc…

The human brain may live beyond death

Ok, maybe the title is too dramatic, but according to a recent study conducted by a team of scientists in Canada, a part of the human brain remains active for a longer period of time even when the brain is in deep coma or dead. The phenomenon was first observed by a Romanian doctor, who got in touch with a fellow colleague from Montreal and shared his findings. Shortly after, a complex experiment on 26 cats showed that there was brain activity in comatose cats, even if the EEG line was flat. This discovery may pave the way to new theories regarding the way the human brain reacts when the body is dead, and can even prove that there may be some sort of life beyond death.

Watch Dr. Bruce Greyson talking about Consciousness Without Brain Activity and Near Death Experiences, giving his patients as examples. Fabulous!

Having a great body with a simple workout program

Although summer is almost over, we still need to take care of our bodies. Having a great abdomen is more important for your health than you think. According to most doctors, doing 30 minutes of exercise per day is great for your health. Why not combine that workout with a great program. The following infographic gives you some hints in that regard.
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A short introduction to highspeed imaging

Business owners worldwide depend and rely heavily on the machines, tools and devices they use within their facilities, many of which are used on a daily basis. It’s safe to say businesses that specialize in one type of product or work appreciate in the manufactures and designers behind the parts and tools that make their company what it is today. High speed imaging cameras for instance, they may not sound like a household gadget but these cameras help shape and form entire industries and the tests needed to be performed.

High speed imaging cameras have remarkably enhanced the production process for companies specializing in specific studies for years and without this amazing tool there would be numerous subjects we would be completely in the dark about. Crash testing is a perfect example; these cameras are specially placed on a vehicle to capture the effects of the impact a crash has on the passengers inside. The cameras capture every inch of the vehicle and can be played back in sl…