What are the chances for you to win at sports bets and casino games?

In any gambling there is a percentage of the cashes that the players pay. If at sports betting this percentage can easily be found on each bet type, casino games are a bit more difficult to find. I have, however, proposed to introduce to you in this article the chances that you have to win different online casino games.

Winning roulette odds 

Roulette play is one of the few where the exact payout can be calculated. If you choose to bet on hair / odd or red / black then the winning odds are 50%. If you count on a number then 2. (7)%, if the roulette has 36 numbers. The advantage of the casino is represented by the number 0, which at American roulette is even 2 times. So making some simple calculations means that the European roulette has a payout of 97.3% and the American one of only 94.6%.

Chances of winning at table games 

In the table games category we include Blackjack, Video Poker, Hold'Em, Baccarat, etc. In these types of casino games the winning chances are calculated according to the types of bets played. Among these games, the biggest payout, so best for us, is Blackjack, where this payout is 99.72%, while at Video Poker we have a payout of 99.54%. At Keno on the other hand we are talking about a 75% payout, so it should be a less played game.

Chances of winning video slots 

So far, we have been able to clearly calculate the chances of success for a particular game. Things are different on video slots, where we can not know what this payout is, but we can infer that it is smaller than in table and roulette games.

How did we deduct this?

Simply out of online casino bonuses. Generally, video slots counts 100% on the run, while the rest of the games count only 20-30%, that means knowing that you will win less if you run a bonus on roulette, blackjack or video poker casino will take protective measures and it will put you running the bonus many times. Under these conditions, the slots payout is inferior. I would note in this category that the chances of winning online casinos are considerably higher than at online casinos, because at the first payout it exceeds 90%, while at street casinos it rarely exceeds 60%.

Despite the fact that some video slot payouts are not displayed, it should be said that these online casinos are checked by independent, licensed companies, so they will not be able to set a lower payout than the ones listed. Another important aspect to know about this is that payouts are often set by software vendors. Netent, one of the world's leading software vendors, has posted on-site casino games or payouts. From there we find out that the Twin Spin Deluxe has a payout of 93.61%, Starburst, one of the most popular video slots has a payout of 96.10%. Top Blood Suckers slot with a 98% payout. So, it is possible to win, especially if you have a betting strategy.

I want to advise you to avoid jackpot games because those huge amounts of money come from players' losses. A jackpot game could have a payout of 97%, only a fraction of that percentage (maybe even 20-30%) will go into the jackpot and so the real chances of winning such a jackpot game will be much smaller than other similar slots that do not have a jackpot. Now that you have made an idea about the chances of winning online casino I want you to know one thing: the casinos and online casinos are highly lucrative business and they don't lose money. Ever. So, with that in mind, you should have a solid strategy when you decide to play. Oh, and a lot of patience.

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