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Amazing Bridges Around the World

You never understand the beauty of a bridge until you see one in the night, its shades, and majestic feel. That's why I decided to create a list with the most amazing bridges around the world.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

If we talk about beauty beauty and symbols, we need to talk about New York’s Brooklyn Bridge. You will not find anything like it in the whole world. The 5,989 feet construction was build in 13 years. For nearly 20 years it dominated as the longest suspension bridge in the world. It's among the most pop tourists magnets in New York, and you can see it in many music videos.

Ponte Octavio Frias de Oliveira, Sao Paulo

A dazing sight for the hearts, particularly when brightened at night, the Ponte Octavio Frias de Oliveira in Sao Paulo, Brazil is the world’s first x-shaped cable stayed bridge with two crossed lanes.

Beipanjiang River Railroad Bridge, China

The Beipanjiang River Railroad Bridge in Guizhou, China, places with the world’s longest arch bridges but excels du…

Cutting-edge endeavor to block HIV: Stronger vaginal gels

After many efforts to produce vaginal creams that can stop HIV the scientists are finally testing if a medicament practiced to treat HIV contagion at last could give women a tool to prevent it -- by impregnating the medicine into vaginal gels and contraceptive-style rings.

Addressed microbicides, this sort of woman-controlled protection is believed to be the key for combating the HIV plaguey -- particularly in evolving nations where the virus crushes its worst and adult female too frequently can not convince their sexual partners to utilise a rubber.

"Frankly, blocking transmission of the virus appears to be a lot harder than anyone understood it would be at the beginning," alleges meeting co-chair Dr. Sharon Hillier of the University of Pittsburgh and a PI of the Microbicide Trials Network.

"The reason we're not depressed in the microbicide world? We actually have learned a lot and moved on to think about potent drugs and really cool delivery methods."


6 year-old girl who has had three hearts

At 6, Amy Ferguson is already on her third heart.

She suffered rare condition when she was two. That's how she lost her first heart. But the body rejected the replacement, conducting to a 2nd transplant.

Numerous times she demonstrated doctors wrong as they pronounced they didn't anticipate her to live. Read the full story on DailyMail

BeBionic reveals World's Most sophisticated Robotic Hand

BeBionic reveals the next-generation of robotic hands, ones that feature "a range of naturally compliant grip patterns that provide repeatable accuracy." Carry on reading for a video presentation.

The bebionic range will also include the worlds first powered wrist with rotation as well as flexion/extension. Completing the range is an advanced silicone skin available in 19 skin shades.


Audi A9 Futuristic Concept Design

The Audi A9 Concept is a conception study of a futurist lavishness flagship with an active and smooth design inspired by Santiago Calatrava's works. This concept design was made by Spanish Daniel Garcia from the Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Valencia.

As designer Daniel Garcia explains, "The styling of the A9 concept was partially inspired by the stunning architectural style of Santiago Calatrava's buildings in "La Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias" (The City of Arts and Sciences) in my own hometown of Valencia."

About the Designer

Daniel Garcia has recently completed a Degree in Automotive Design at the Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Valencia.
Contact Details:

* email:

via CarBodyDesign
Check Tesla S Sedan Concept First Pictures and Tesla S Actual Model

Artificial Heart Breakthrough

Heart conditions takes more life in United States than anything else. For every one of the 3100 people with coronary failure presently waiting for an organ transplant every minute is precious. Dr. Jennifer Ashton introduces in this video a man who's on a organ transplant list, but he's found his freedom by carrying around a remarkable new device.

The device costs around $125.000 and the maintenance for it it's about $18.000 per year. It is speculated that someday this new heart device will replace heart transplant - as it will evolve to a smaller model. The key is to better treat the heart failure patients before they will get sick enough to require this new medical device.

Amazing Videos From the Oklahoma Storm

The following video was posted to YouTube on may 16, purposing to be acquired during the storm in the U.S. prairie state. It evidences a swimming pool that appears like it has subaquatic bombs going off, and hail rocks the size of tennis balls landing in the planters on the deck.

Keyboards can bring diseases

A Late report by the Royal Society of Chemistry determined that few keyboards in London tested positive for the E. coli virus, also unsafe coliform and enteric bacteria. These high-risk germs are the resultant by office workers consuming food over their keyboards and dropping down crumbs 'tween the buttons, which are then consumed at night by mice and additional varments that lead to little bits of feces where they had their meal.

The following day, the uninformed officer worker grinds the faecal matter into the tips of his digits. If they touch their faces with their fingers, or consumes more food without cleaning the hands can get infected very fast .

Quantum teleportation accomplished across 10 miles of free space

Researchers have lately experienced success teleporting data 'tween photons across a free blank space length of almost 10 miles, an unexampled distance. This gets us nearer to intercommunicating data without requiring a conventional signal, and that the 10 miles they've achieved could bridge the length 'tween the Earth's surface and outer space.

"Quantum teleportation" is divergent from folks guess teleportation will work. Instead of picking one matter up and posing it someplace else, quantum teleportation affects tangling 2 affairs, like photons or ions, so their states are contingent each other and all can be affected by the measure of the other's state.

Once one of the points is aired a length away, entanglement ascertains that altering the state of one induces the other to modify also, admitting the teleportation of quantum info, if not substance. All the same, the length molecules could be from each other has been restrained heretofore to a number of…

Welcome to North Korea Documentary

This documentary evidences the day by day fear that Noth Koreans accept everyday. The winner of the 2001 International Emmy award for Best Documentary, Welcome to North Korea is a monstrously unreal look at the all-too-real circumstances in contemporary North Korea. Dutch movie maker Peter Tetteroo and his affiliate Raymond Feddema spent a week in and around the North Korean capital of Pyongyang -- plenteous time to make this prominent flick.

Harvard Can Preserve Organs for 10 Days

Harvard Starts Heart Outside Body, Preserves Organs for 10 Days
Prof. Hemant Thatte from Harvard Univ. has highly-developed a cocktail of 21 compounds that he calls Somah, deduced from the Sanskritic language for “ambrosia of rejuvenation”. Applying Somah, Thattle and his squad of scientists have achieved some astonishing exploits with pig hearts. They can preserve the heart alive for organ transplant up to 10 days after harvesting – that is unbelievably longer than the 4 hr limitation seen in hospitals nowadays. Using coldnesses and Somah, they were capable to acquire a pig heart that was harvested postmortal and make it beat 24 hours afterward in the lab.

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