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What is Deer Antler and how it's used [infographic]

We love deers, but what you may not know about deers, is that the deer antler was used ever since antiquity for tool making and as dietary supplements. Ancient people used these antlers to create weapons, ornaments and even toys. In some tribes, they were worn in traditional "deer dances".

Into their early stage of growth, the antler are called deer antler velvet, because they are software and are not harden into bone. If the antlers were taken from a velvet stage, they can be used for medicine purposes. What's even more interesting, is that these deer antler grow every spring, it is cast in winter, and the cycle starts again the next spring.

Antlers of elk have been used in ancient Asia as a natural cure for various disease like kidney disorders, muscle disorder, impotence and has also been used as an immune stimulant. Today, there are various products based on Deer antler velvet that give the user more stamina, enhanced power and will help in joint health cases. Her…