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Hookah Smoking is as dangerous as Cigarettes

A recent study brought out in the journal Respirology divulges that hookah or bong smoking impacts lung function and respiratory symptoms very much like cigarette smoking.Folks usually consider that fuming through a hookah strains the deadly components of tobacco. That's the reason the water pipe it is believed to be less noxious than smoking cigarettes. But, the new study, conduced by Mohammad Hossein Boskabady, MD, PhD, of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, depict differently. 
Men of science commenced to compare lung role and respiratory symptoms amongst hookah smokers, cigar smokers, and non-smokers. 3 groups of tobacco users, including 57 hookah smokers, 30 deep inhalation cigaret smokers (S-DI), and 51 average inhalation cigarette smokers (S-NI) were described and analyzed. Even more, a control group of 44 non-smokers were examined.
A survey was distributed to evaluate the preponderance and asperity of respiratory symptoms and lung function examinations executed on tobac…

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Pictures

The Brown Recluse Spider is also called violin spider and after watching the following pictures I really understand I should avoid it. These spiders are around 6-20 mm but it may grow larger. You will find violin spiders in abandoned or disorderly shelters. 
These picture were posted on Reddit by a user, saying that his friend was bitten by the Recluse Spider. 
Apparently, the Recluse Spider bite looked just like an infection.

Source: Wikipedia and Adam Whenderson