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Impressive Boats and Yachts Concepts

Volitan by Designnobis Studio This boat has a name that means “flying fish”. The design is very futuristic, the boat is eco-friendly, functioning on wind power and solar energy. The flapping-of-wings add stability to the structure in high-winds of the boat and host the solar panels as well Corvette Stingray Inspired Boat Design by Bo Zolland You will think this boat comes directly from a SF movie. They say it is inspired from 1963 Corvette Stingray classic car. I think Batman is looking for his boat. He wants it back!

SENTORI 58R by Christian Gumpold & Christopher Gloning
This is a yacht that reflects opulence and style; but regrettably this is still a concept! SENTORI 58R yacht is a driven project drawn by 2 postgraduates who prognosticated to establish a prototype by Feb 2009. Since we have not heard a word on the amazing project. My guess is that the yacht's prototype is still in production. The specifications envisioned sounded too good to be true. Everybody is hoping they'…

Fast Medical discoveries about cancer

Cancer has become a major cause of death worldwide. This ruthless disease is characterized by abnormal cell proliferation in a normal tissue anatomy within the body. All body organs may be affected, but the most common forms of the disease is breast cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, skin cancer.

Exhaust gas from diesel engines favors cancer
Exhaust inhalation from diesel engines favourizes the development of new blood vessels that contribute to the development of cancerous tumors. A group of researchers from Ohio University, U.S., reached this conclusion after a scientific study done on laboratory mice.

A relatively small amount of inhaled diesel particles can easily penetrate the body and can go directly to organs and tissues. This study wanted to reconstitute the conditions in which a person would inhale the particles in an urban environment with traffic.

After two weeks of exposure to diesel emanations for six hours a day, five days a week, the mice have devel…

Anaesthetic Mavericks part 1-6

It is known that animals test or lab experiments have their limits and it comes a moment when every scientists/medic wants to test in on the next level: humans.

Michael Mosley is an award-winning journalist and former doctor. In this BBC series he tries to expos the curious, gruesome and sometimes fatal ways in which scientists have transformed medical knowledge regarding anaesthetics by using themselves as guinea pigs. Enjoy the full episode (part1-part6). Via

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Thermal imaging camera used to determine home's wasting energy

A council has spent £30,000 using a spy plane carrying a thermal camera to determine which homes are wasting energy. (File photo)

Thermal imaging cameras are used to create color-coded maps that will help Council officials to find out houses with problems regarding energy waste. Owners found with energy wasting houses will be educated about the environmental damage and the measures they can make.

The airplane took a lot of thermal images of homes and businesses along. Those losing the most heat were showing up as red. If the image was blue it meant that the house had better isolation.
Head of this operation,  Andy Jarvis, said they first target businesses but the next step was inevitable.

'Through those images, a thermal image photograph can be created in which you can pick out individual properties which are losing a lot of heat.We do a lot on domestic energy conservation already and realised it would be useful to see if any of the homes which were particularly hot were propertie…

Incredibly Smooth Robotic Arm Controller [VID]

This robotic arm camed from Willow Garage and is pretty awesome. It seems that this robot arm is gravity balanced. It has a very complex mechanics behind it. The capture system has come up with a new teleoperation system for the robot. It seems that this system has many possibilities for fine-grained control of the arm's many degrees of freedom.

They are planning to build 10 of these robots and loan them out for free to research labs/startups/universities. Their business model is basically "let's all work together to advance robotics to the point that we can start making money off it".

I wish them Good Luck!!!

Overclocking Intel's Core i7 Extreme With Liquid Nitrogen

There are a lot of people out there who are very excited when they can use the full potential of a computer. When Intel released the monster 3.33GHz Core i7 975 processor, the Intel 3.2 965 was the highest performing desktop CPU on the market. The Core i7 975 brought with it the new D0 stepping which brought slightly cooler temperatures, tightened up memory timings and lowered operating voltage requirements . But that was not enough! The enthusiasts also noticed another plus of the new CPU: higher overclocking capability.

Intel's Extreme Edition processors are designed and sold to a very small segment of the market because it just don't make much sense for everyday use. People who buy Intel's Core i7 tend to push their hardware a lot harder than we do. These are the kind of people that usually spend more time overclocking and tweaking the system rather than operating it. The 975 features small speed bump at its stock settings. Let's not forget about the unlocked multipl…

Cell phones and radiation: 10 best and 10 worst

How much radiation does your cell phone emit?

This question is always in my mind when I buy a new phone. That's the reason why I use hands-free devices when I talk to someone.

It's easy to find out the answer to that question thanks to the Environmental Working Group's new online guide to cell phone emissions. They ranked over 1,000 different cell phones according to radiation levels. So, here is the list:

10 best phones (lowest radiation)Samsung Impression (SGH-a877)Motorola RAZR V8Samsung SGH-t229Samsung Rugby (SGH-a837)Samsung Propel Pro (SGH-i627)Samsung Gravity (SGH-t459)T-Mobile Sidekick LG Xenon (GR500)Motorola Karma QA1Sanyo Katana II
10 worst phones (highest radiation)Motorola MOTO VU204T-Mobile myTouch 3GKyocera Jax S1300Blackberry Curve 8330Motorola W385T-Mobile ShadowMotorola C290Motorola i335Motorola MOTO VE240Blackberry Bold 9000If you find your phone in the second list (highest radiation phones) you should really change it.
Here are some tips adapted from EWG…

Project Orick - multi-PC remote management live test

I'm not really sure what Project Orick Is. In this video you can see two engineers experiment with a tool in the form of a glove that literally allows them to do magic. Stunning video with serious implications for system administrators.

Diabetes Blood Glucose Monitoring System - Bayer's CONTOUR

Product Features

* No coding required
* 5 second test time
* Pre/post meal test marking for better glucose control
* 0.6 blood sample size, alternative site testing, palm or forearm
* 480 test result memory with 14 day average

This device is specially design for diabetic persons. There is a variety of glucometers on the market, but this one is easiest to use right out of the box. It requires a pindrop sample and gives an accurate result in only 5 seconds.

The display is large and easy to read. It comes with a carrying case to hold the meter, a lancet, and a vial of test strips. You don't even have to take the meter out of the case to use it. Just unzip the case and pop in a test strip!

Price: $9.25 via Amazon

5 Most Outrageous Insurance Frauds

5. John Stonehouse – the master of cheesy staged suicidesThe British Labor politician had teeth like no other. It seems like they never made contact with toothbrush John Stonehouse did what any man with debts and a whining wife would do. He staged his suicide and fled to Australia to start a new life with his mistress. The suicide was especially dramatic as he left nothing but his clothes on a beach to make it seem like drowning. Stonehouse was later arrested and convicted of insurance fraud.4. Carla Patterson – The dead mouse in soup incident
Cracker Barrel has received one complaint from customers on behalf of Carly Patterson. She found a dead mouse in her soup, and accused the restaurant on a flagrant violation of health regulations. This is for U.S. $ 500,000 in insurance money from the restaurant. But when mice showed that he had no soup in the lungs and it was boiled. Patterson left their claims and received a year in prison.3. Ronald Evano – The glass eater
Ronald Evano lived in …

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Remembered

The destruction of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were remembered at a memorial ceremony at the United Nations Vienna headquarters where calls were renewed to curb nuclear proliferation and bring about an end to atomic weapons. The event was organized by the United Nations Information Service Vienna and the Vienna NGO Committee on Peace.
Reporting Kirstie Hansen, Camera Petr Pavlicek, Editing Al Sinoy.

via Youtube

Artificial Skin Manufactured In Fully Automated Process

Skin from a factory – this has long been the dream of pharmacologists, chemists and doctors. Research has an urgent need for large quantities of ‘skin models’, which can be used to determine if products such as creams and soaps, cleaning agents, medicines and adhesive bandages are compatible with skin, or if they instead will lead to irritation or allergic reactions for the consumer. Such test results are seen as more meaningful than those from animal experiments, and can even make such experiments largely superfluous.

source: ScienceDaily