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Toyota Humanoid Robot Runs At 7 Km/hr

The Honda's Asimo robot has been around for some time now. That's the main reason the first humanoid robot from Toyota might not seem like much of technology breaktrough. But after I watched this video, I give the Toyota guys who designed this AI robot the well-earned props. For the moment, the Toyota AI robot can only operate on conventional flat surfaces, but I'm sure they will fix this problem in the near future.

I'm not really sure why the big money companies are suddenly jumping into the humanoid robot market. It's just the natural competitive pressure on the market or there is a real reason behind these AI-Robots discoveries? I guess we'll learn the real reason in the near future.

You can notice that in the slow-motion the moving foot stays perfectly parallel about an inch above the ground as it goes forward to become the forward leading foot. That is very impresive.