New Router Design from Belkin

Belkin International, Inc has move forward to embrace a new perspective on electronic design by adopting vertical design for its line of wireless routers, which includes the G, G+ MIMO, N, and N+. Intended to take up minimal desktop space, the new vertical enclosures offer enhanced usability with simple details like labels on the rear ports. Easy-to-understand icons on the front panel turn to amber to alert you of problems in your network.

Setting the standard with intuitive usability, Belkin’s innovative designs began with the N1 Wireless Router, boasting a sleek black finish with blue iconic status LEDs. The N1 Vision Wireless Router features the same black appearance, clean lines, and a network-status LCD. The N+ is a natural progression of the two routers, combining some of the same popular elements such as the blue status LEDs and speedometer.

The new design is visually pleasing and technically advantageous. The shape allows for better airflow to keep the Wireless Router cool, enhancing performance. The antennae are situated atop the Router to supply and maintain a strong wireless signal.