N85 - First phone with OLED screen

Last week marked the announce of the N85, the first Nokia Nseries device with an OLED screen.

But first is first. What is an OLED screen? OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode. (OLED) are screens that depends on very minute diodes that light up forming what we see, thus it doesn’t need backlight and this reduces the power consumption dramatically, while the traditional Liquid Crystal displays is made of pixels that require backlight, so the battery charges is drained faster, But that’s not it’s only pro, it’s also known for forming more realistic more lively photos that looks more real than the ones showed on LCDs and last but not least the Cost of production of OLED screens is much less than that of LCDs, cool, huh?!

Guys over at Smape.com had the chance to review both the N85 and N96 and managed to compare the N96’s 2.8″ LCD screen with the N85’s 2.6″ OLED screen, and the results was stunning! Yes, there’s a huge difference between both screens, the N85’s screen rendered photos in an amazing N96-killing way, making me wanting one right now!

And, If that’s not enough proof for you, Rita Khoury a.k.a dotsisx from Symbian guru also managed to compare the N81 LCD screen with the N85’s, and the results were as if the N81 screen \and I quote “white-tinted”!

(Photo courtesy of Smape.com)