8 Causes of Hair Loss in Women

There is known that the number of women begining hair loss in every city is rising. Medical experts agree that reasons for hair loss in women and men are very different! Most male hair loss based on genetic, but what is the reason for women hair loss?

1.Genetic. Women will also be hereditary hair loss. This is called Genetic baldness.

2.Excessive weight loss diet. This is one of reason for women hair loss. Many women try to loss weight by eating less, so it's difficult to have enough protein, iron, and other nutritional supply of hair follicles and lead to hair loss.

3.Hormonal disorders. Taking or stopping contraceptive pills can lead to hormonal disorders. And that leads to hair loss.

4.Pregnant after childbirth. Women in the end of pregnancy, their hair will enter the telogen. After delivery can grow new hair. Therefore, the new hair will be out of the original hair resulting in hair loss phenomenon.

5.Women's menstrual period.

6.Working pressure. The fatigue and pressure lead to stress. When people are in a state of tension, the blood circulation is changed, so our nutrients can not reach the scalp with blood.

7.Often tied or pulling hair.

8.Regular use of hot air and hair damaging chemicals.