My Christmas Present

BlackBerry Bold 9000. I just love this super-gadget and I hope I will get it for Christmas this year. Why? First of all, BlackBerry Bold 9000 is very elegant. Its business oriented design will impress almost everyone. Somewhat bigger dimensions than Curve are consequence of bigger screen and frame made of metal alloy. The materials used for this phone are top-quality. You will not see gaps or hear squeaking sounds I hear on my old N95 8GB.

The screen on the Bold is twice the resolution (480x320 vs. 320x240) of Curve. This is absolutely amazing. Not only is it stunning for movies and photos, it makes browsing the web and simply reading emails so much easier. The same auto-backlighting feature found on the Curve is also on the Bold. It senses the lighting conditions of the room and adjusts backlighting. I love this feature.

The biggest improvements for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 were the much needed 3G, Wi-fi and Video recording capabilities. Now you can access external memory without removing the battery via a small opening on the side. It's like Bold 9000 was listening to my needs. Santa, please give me one of these :)

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