Russian Lab Promises Affordable Cure for Cancer

A laboratory in Russia says it has built a proton accelerator for treating cancer victims that is 10 times cheaper then any similar device. It may provide salvation for millions of oncology patients around the world.

This is great news for all of us!

Proton therapy has the best success rate: 90 percent compared to about 40 to 60 percent for other forms of radiotherapy. It provides more effective treatment than x-rays or electron beams because they have greater energy and can be focused on the affected area (tumor). This occurs due to a process known as the Bragg Peak, which causes the protons to land directly on their target, avoiding damage to healthy tissue. The beam slices the DNA in cancerous cells and kills them.

So,treating cancer with proton beams is one of the most promising methods to date. The particles are accelerated in a device similar to the famous Large Hadron Collider scaled down to ‘just’ a dozen meters and then fired at a tumour. The beam slices cancerous cells’ DNA and kills them.


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