Secret ingredient for turning sunlight into liquid energy

Joule Biotechnologies Inc.’s secret ingredient - a designed organism - looks like green Jell-O before it’s refrigerated. The unknown organism consumes sunlight and carbon dioxide, then sweats ethanol. The 2-year-old compan said that one day soonin the near future its SolarFuel could be used to power cars all around the world. It seems that the the mysterious fuel-making organism has a green color, but it is not algae.

Chief executive Bill Sims and cofounder David Berry did provide a peek at the Joule process, while dodging persistent inquiries about the mysterious fuel-making organism.

“We are converting sunlight to liquid energy,’ Sims explained. The goal is to make an environmentally-friendly fuel that can compete with $50-a-barrel fossil fuels Jeremy Martin, a senior scientist in the clean vehicles program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, is shure the organism is almost certainly a plant.

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