5 Most Outrageous Insurance Frauds

5. John Stonehouse – the master of cheesy staged suicides


The British Labor politician had teeth like no other. It seems like they never made contact with toothbrush John Stonehouse did what any man with debts and a whining wife would do. He staged his suicide and fled to Australia to start a new life with his mistress. The suicide was especially dramatic as he left nothing but his clothes on a beach to make it seem like drowning. Stonehouse was later arrested and convicted of insurance fraud.

4. Carla Patterson – The dead mouse in soup incident

Cracker Barrel has received one complaint from customers on behalf of Carly Patterson. She found a dead mouse in her soup, and accused the restaurant on a flagrant violation of health regulations. This is for U.S. $ 500,000 in insurance money from the restaurant. But when mice showed that he had no soup in the lungs and it was boiled. Patterson left their claims and received a year in prison.

3. Ronald Evano – The glass eater


Ronald Evano lived in Boston. He ate glass in order to convince his insurance company to pay him. He said he found the glass in the restaurant's food. Insurance companies didn't buy it and the man was prisoned for 62 months . Next time, maybe he should try a simpler trick.

2. John Darwin - “I think I’m a missing person”

In 2000, John Darwin went missing during a canoeing trip. Assumed deceased by the police Darwin’s life insurance was collected by his wife and life went on to see another day. Five years later a man showed up at a London police station claiming he had amnesia and under the belief of being a filed missing person. As it turned out this man was no other than John Darwin, who after half a decade hiding in Panama could no longer fight his longing for good ‘ol England.

Darwin had thus faked his own death, together with the misses, so that she could collect John’s quite wealthy life insurance. They had not told anybody, not even their children who genuinely thought their father was dead. A well planned life insurance scheme, unveiled only by a photo of the couple in Panama after Darwin’s disappearance.

In 2000, John Darwin disappeared during a boating trip. Assumed dead by the police, Darwin's life insurance was collected by his wife and life has continued to see another day. After 5 years, a man showed up at a police station in London claiming amnesia. Guess who that was. None other than John Darwin, who, after half a decade hiding in Panama, he could not fight against his desire for good ol 'England.

Darwin had staged his own death along with the wife. They have not told anyone, not even their children who truly believe that their father was dead. The whole con was very planned, since the only proof was a photo of the couple in Panama, after the disappearance of Darwin.

1. Antoinette Millard – The Saudi Princess from Manhattan

No doubt suffering from poor psychological health, Manhattan girl and investment banker Lisa Walker one day decided to take on the fake and fictive identity of Antoinette Millard – a Saudi princess who had converted to Judaism. In addition to intense mingling with the New York social elite, Millard also tried to convince here insurance company that she had been mugged on jewelry worth $262,000. Princess Millard became such a social phenomenon in New York that even magazine New York Social Diary mentioned the princess.

When the insurance company finally filed the princess’ insurance claim as insurance fraud, Millard confessed her elaborate scheme, blaming it on anything from 9/11 to her rough childhood.