Cell phones and radiation: 10 best and 10 worst

How much radiation does your cell phone emit?

This question is always in my mind when I buy a new phone. That's the reason why I use hands-free devices when I talk to someone.

It's easy to find out the answer to that question thanks to the Environmental Working Group's new online guide to cell phone emissions. They ranked over 1,000 different cell phones according to radiation levels. So, here is the list:

10 best phones (lowest radiation)

  1. Samsung Impression (SGH-a877)
  2. Motorola RAZR V8
  3. Samsung SGH-t229
  4. Samsung Rugby (SGH-a837)
  5. Samsung Propel Pro (SGH-i627)
  6. Samsung Gravity (SGH-t459)
  7. T-Mobile Sidekick
  8. LG Xenon (GR500)
  9. Motorola Karma QA1
  10. Sanyo Katana II

10 worst phones (highest radiation)

  1. Motorola MOTO VU204
  2. T-Mobile myTouch 3G
  3. Kyocera Jax S1300
  4. Blackberry Curve 8330
  5. Motorola W385
  6. T-Mobile Shadow
  7. Motorola C290
  8. Motorola i335
  9. Motorola MOTO VE240
  10. Blackberry Bold 9000
If you find your phone in the second list (highest radiation phones) you should really change it.

Here are some tips adapted from EWG's guide to reducing cell phone radiation exposure:

  • Use speakerphone or a headset if your conversation last longer. It's not sure if it's safer to go with a wired or wireless headset, but headsets emit less radiation than cell phones, that's for sure.

  • If you can, text messages instead of talking. Phones use less power and therefore emit less radiation to send text than voice. It also keeps radiation away from your head, and that's a good thing.

  • If you have a poor signal try not to use the phone too much. In fact, try not to use it at all. Your device will emit more radiation to get the signal to the tower when there are fewer signal bars on your phone.

via Yahoo Green