Fast Medical discoveries about cancer

Cancer has become a major cause of death worldwide. This ruthless disease is characterized by abnormal cell proliferation in a normal tissue anatomy within the body. All body organs may be affected, but the most common forms of the disease is breast cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, skin cancer.

Exhaust gas from diesel engines favors cancer

Exhaust inhalation from diesel engines favourizes the development of new blood vessels that contribute to the development of cancerous tumors. A group of researchers from Ohio University, U.S., reached this conclusion after a scientific study done on laboratory mice.

A relatively small amount of inhaled diesel particles can easily penetrate the body and can go directly to organs and tissues. This study wanted to reconstitute the conditions in which a person would inhale the particles in an urban environment with traffic.

After two weeks of exposure to diesel emanations for six hours a day, five days a week, the mice have developed new blood vessels and had chemical changes in the body, such as slowing the production of an enzyme able to delay the development process cancerous tumors.

The final result of the study were: exposure to diesel engines' exhaust gases for a period of two months can turn a healthy tissue into one potential carcinogen.

Cannabis can help fighting prostate cancer

Cannabis herb contains chemicals contained that may prevent prostate cancer cells to promote proliferation. This is a new discovery by a team of Spanish scientists, published in "British Journal of Cancer.

Cancer cells grown in the laboratory were blocked by CANNABINOIDS (chemicals in the cannabis plant) have helped to reduce tumor size in mice. According to researchers, the substance is blocking receptors on the surface of cancerous tissue, which prevents division and growth of cancer cells. This discovery could be useful for prostate cancer types that does not answer to hormonal treatments.

Researchers said that more should be expected until the first clinical tests. Patients should not smoke cannabis in the hope that it will heal because the use of this drug can have side effects.

Chemicals found in everyday products can cause cancer

Researchers from the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) of France warns about synthesis chemical bisphenol A. Bisphenol A is a component present in daily use plastic objects: packaging, cosmetic bottles, medical equipment, plastic toys, materials used in dentistry, inside boxes of beer.

The substance bisphenol A has a structure similar to the one of substance diethyl-stilbestrol, a chemical component which causes genital birth defects, cancer, diabetes, infertility, pregnancy problems, etc...