Impressive Boats and Yachts Concepts

Volitan by Designnobis Studio
This boat has a name that means “flying fish”. The design is very futuristic, the boat is eco-friendly, functioning on wind power and solar energy. The flapping-of-wings add stability to the structure in high-winds of the boat and host the solar panels as well
Corvette Stingray Inspired Boat Design by Bo Zolland
You will think this boat comes directly from a SF movie. They say it is inspired from 1963 Corvette Stingray classic car. I think Batman is looking for his boat. He wants it back!

SENTORI 58R by Christian Gumpold & Christopher Gloning

This is a yacht that reflects opulence and style; but regrettably this is still a concept! SENTORI 58R yacht is a driven project drawn by 2 postgraduates who prognosticated to establish a prototype by Feb 2009. Since we have not heard a word on the amazing project. My guess is that the yacht's prototype is still in production. The specifications envisioned sounded too good to be true. Everybody is hoping they'll pull this luxury project off. 

Oculus by E. Kevin Schopfer 
The Titanic of  21 Century! You will notice the luxurious and futuristic design of the yacht. Designed to accommodate 12 guests in extraordinary comfort and style. If luxury yachts would have a king, well.. this is the king of all kings. You will love the interior too: