Thermal imaging camera used to determine home's wasting energy

A council has spent £30,000 using a spy plane carrying a thermal camera to determine which homes are wasting energy. (File photo)

Thermal imaging cameras are used to create color-coded maps that will help Council officials to find out houses with problems regarding energy waste. Owners found with energy wasting houses will be educated about the environmental damage and the measures they can make.

The airplane took a lot of thermal images of homes and businesses along. Those losing the most heat were showing up as red. If the image was blue it meant that the house had better isolation.
Head of this operation,  Andy Jarvis, said they first target businesses but the next step was inevitable.

'Through those images, a thermal image photograph can be created in which you can pick out individual properties which are losing a lot of heat.We do a lot on domestic energy conservation already and realised it would be useful to see if any of the homes which were particularly hot were properties where people had not insulated their lofts.We were also able to look at very cold properties and think we might have picked up people on low incomes who are not heating their homes because they cannot afford to.'

Every year, 60% per cent of a household's heat is lost through uninsulated walls, lofts and windows, costing the average home £380 a year.