Robot Controlled by Monkey Brain

In a extraordinary presentation of brain-machine user interface engineering, scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have schooled a monkey to expend only its thoughts to manipulate an advanced robotic arm and execute detailed maneuvers with it.

There were other experiments monkey with brain detectors planted in its brains has commanded robotic devices with brain. This experiment with robot arm is likely the most complex system a monkey was involved with.

In this brain-robotic experiment, the monkey underwent 2 brain implants: the first brain implant in the hand area and the second in the arm area of its motor cortex. These two brain implants detects the pulses of motor neurons and beam this information to a computer, which interprets the patterns into controls for the robotic arm.

Two years ago, Dr. Schwartz and his team instructed a macaque to control a less complicated mechanical arm to feed itself. This was a four-degrees-of-freedom robotic arm with shoulder articulates, an elbow joint, and a simple gripper.

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