Laser Hair Removal in the wrong hands

Laser hair removal therapy has become really big business these days. Some companies has numerous centers nationwide and they make really good money with it. Some of the smallest centers are fighting back claiming that on some of this big centers there is not a doctor in the house and patients are paying a price for that.

"When you think you go to a big center you think you are in good hands. That was my case when I went to a laser hair removal center. But after five months, I started noticing dark lines on my face, where the laser hair removal therapy was conducted." said Maria T., a former upper-lip laser removal patient.

They said it would probably cost $500 for six treatments. But after 2.5 years later, the hair is still there along with discoloration. The first advice in this cases is that if you start notice something like that, you need to stop the procedures.

American Laser Centers say that patients sign consent forms knowing hyper-pigmentation is a possible outcome. Out of 75000 treatments done nationwide in October 2006, American Laser Centers documented only 20 adverse reactions.

"We have a very low incident rate" alleged Kevin Piecuch, Executive Vice President in the company.

Numerous people want in this amazing business. It's really easy to buy a laser blazer online from cheaper models. It's really simple to open up a center like this, but people fail to realize that laser in the wrong hands could be deadly. Some buy lasers without a proper physician supervision. Technicians need to ask if you had recent sun exposure, because the laser can affect the Melanesia in your skin.

That's why is really important to search more about the place you're going to undergo laser hair removal treatment.