Astronomers unveil new 3D map of the universe

Astronomers have developed the most concluding 3D representation of the close universe up to now. Using high resolution telescopes they evaluated distances to a whopping 45,000 galaxies out to a length of 380 million light-years. Contrary to the known Sloan Digital Sky Survey, which represented just a parcel of the sky, the modern 2MASS Redshift Survey addresses 95% of encircling space, skipping only the area near the plane of our own galaxy, where the Milky Way System interference the view of remote objects. In the map, color ciphers for distance: purplish dots are close galaxies; red dots are remote ones. The new representation of the near universe will assist stargazers to interpret and explain the movement of the Milky Way, which is seemingly being drove by the gravity of adjacent groups and clusters of galaxies.

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