The fastest supercomputer in the world

New Japanese supercomputer is more powerful than the next five fastest computers combined

A Nipponese supercomputer assembled by Fujitsu Co. Took hold of the title of world's fastest computer. The previous winner was a Chinese rival. This means Japan is getting back in the top of the computer arms race for the first time in seven years.

Established at Japan's Institute of Physical and Chemical Research,the "K Computer" executes more than eight quadrillion (8,000 trillion) computations per second. K Computer is a play on the Nipponese word "kei" for the number 10 quadrillion, which will be the total power this supercomputer is targeted to cover once it is completed in 2012.

K Computer is a major progress from existing supercomputers. It's more potent than the following 5 fastest computer systems combined. This means it can execute 3 times as many computations per second as the No. 2 supercomputer, configured by China's National University of Defense Technology.

"We think this is one part of Japan's strength and we strive to benefit all of Japanese society with it," said Ryoji Noyori, who is the president of the company that developed the supercomputer.

K Computer features:
- 68,544 processors, each equipped with eight cores for a total 548,352 electronic brains
- at full capacity, it aims to have 640,000 electronic brains
- the system is housed in 672 refrigerator-sized computer racks
- it uses 9.89 megawatts of power

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