Infinite Battery Life with Nanotechnology

A mere tap could be sufficient to charge your portable device thanks to a breakthrough made at RMIT University and Australian National University.

Altough this is not new technology, it's a major step towards the discovery of self-powering gadgets. The men of science have determined the ability of piezoelectric films to turn mechanical pressure into electricity. There results were published in Advanced Functional Material Journal on 21 June Issue.

"The power of piezoelectrics could be integrated into running shoes to charge mobile phones, enable laptops to be powered through typing or even used to convert blood pressure into a power source for pacemakers - essentially creating an everlasting battery," said lead co-author Dr. Madhu Bhaskaran. The mixed potential of this material is amazing, but it will take some time until we'll be integrated into smartphones and laptops.

"The concept of energy harvesting using piezoelectric nanomaterials has been demonstrated but the realisation of these structures can be complex and they are poorly suited to mass fabrication."

The key of making this technology reliable is to amplify the electrical energy generated by the piezoelectric fabrics. This allows the technology to be integrated into low-cost structures.

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