Connect to the internet in new ways

If you are baffled at the slow speeds of wifi internet when more than one device is tapped into your network you should know that radio waves are merely one part of the spectrum that can carry our data. What if we could utilize other waves to surf the internet?

Harald Haas (a German physicist), has developed a solution he calls “data through illumination”—getting the fiber out of fiber optics by beaming data through an LED light bulb that alters in intensity more accelerated than the human eye can follow.

Haas alleges his conception, which he calls D-Light, could develop data rates more bolted than 10 MBps, which is quicker than your common broadband connection. He foresees a time to come where information for laptops, smartphones, and pads is aired by the light in a room. And security measures would be a breeze—if you can not envision the light, you can not access the data.

You are able to guess all sorts of functions for this technology, starting with public cyberspace access by street lamps to auto-piloted cars that intercommunicate by their headlights.

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