How to prolong your life

I'm sure everyone heard about foods that are not good for your health: pork, fats, junk food, etc. But what should we eat and how should we treat our body in order to live longer?

If you want to have a healthier and longer life then you should eat natural food. Stop buying from your local drugstore pills stuffed with  large complex of vitamins. Nutritionists advise you to try a cheaper and safer option. Why pay for pills when you can pay for the real deal?

"We know that fruit and vegetable diet is healthy, that prevents many diseases and reduces costs for maintaining health. Unfortunately, nobody knows exactly how each component of this regime affects the longevity of life" said Dr. Hubert Warner, who runs an aging program research. This does not mean it won't affect it. Almost every study available shows that fruit and vegetable is the simplest way to keep your body in shape.

Another study shows that chocolate and wine are the secret of a long healthy life. Sounds rather fun if you think about it. Nutritionists alleges that we can keep away the heart and kidney disease by consuming these foods - dark chocolate, nuts, garlic, fruits, vegetables, fish and one daily glass of red wine.

The researchers determined that another secret of long life is to eat in small quantities. Although many scientist say that starving cells are the key of a long life, I think that the answer lies between these theories. There are many diets you can adopt that will change your life. If you want to know where do you stand right now, insert your details into this bmi calculator. BMI is a fast way to determine if your body has too much fat, and what needs to be done.

Start today!

There are few things you should consider if you want to prolong your life: eat vegetables and fruits, fish, drink green tea, drink water, remember that honey is your friend, keep your BMI within your ideal weight.

No more fat diets, no more carbohydrate drinks, stop smoking, drink less alcohol, stop watching TV all day and start doing sports.