Intel will develop computers and phones that will mimic the human brain

Intel has opened a research institute in Israel in order to develop technologies that mimic the human brain, so they can make computers, smartphones and other devices that will learn about users.

Justin Rattner, director of Intel said that learning computers are a huge opportunity. Contrary to their name, smartphones are not that smart. My smartphone doesn't know more about me know compared to the moment I bought it. All these devices will know us as individuals and will adapt very much for us added Rattner in Tel Aviv for a press agency.

Experts from the Institute of Intel Research Institute of Computational Intelligence will collaborate with other researchers from Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Technion in Haifa to make develop devices that can improve our everyday life.

For example, they can create a device that will remember where you leave your car keys for a week, and in the second week it will help us not to forget to take them before leaving home. Such devices could be available by 2014 or 2015.

Intel already is implementing such a device for Adidas shoes that identifies if the buyer is male or female, child or adult. Moody Eden said that in five years, all human senses will be integrated into PCs, and in over ten years, we'll have more transistors in a chip than the number of neurons in the human brain. Moody is Israel Intel's branch president.