Genetics and Heredity - Lookalikes

Mom is blonde with green eyes, dad is dark-haired and has brown eyes. He has 1, 93m, she, on heels, is barely reaching his shoulder. Will their child inherit Mommy's genetics, or he/she will be a "carbon copy" of his Daddy? 

Genetics - a lottery or a cocktail 

There are so many possible combinations, that one couple can give birth to 70 billion different children. That, because every cell in the human body has 80,000 genes. In principle, half of these are given by the father, and half-mother. 

And yet, these pictures say otherwise. Usually, a son or daughter has features of both parents. This is not the case here. The "dominant" gene was real strong in these cases, and it manifested clearly. Looking at these lookalikes, a single thought comes to mind: we are all copies of our parents. 

Children will be smart like their parents? 

Without a doubt, genetics acts like that! But if it's not stimulated since childhood, you can lose much of the native talent of the child. Patience is very important for a mature IQ. The ability to learn and to be passionate about one thing is achieved only through training and by the attention of parents..

I have another observation of my own: as time goes by in our life, we look more and more like our parents. An older man looks a lot more like his father now, compared to the time he was a kid, and he was looking more like his mother. 

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