Impressive translation technology developed by Microsoft

With this new technology developed by Microsoft, you will be able to speak fluent Chinese or Japanese, without knowing any Chinese word.

This translation technology was developed by Microsoft and probably will be the next big thing in the following years.During a demonstration in Tianjin, head of research at Microsoft, Rick Rashid, showed how the new technology works. He proved that the system recognizes spoken phrases in English, and displays them on the screen. Moreover, it instantly translates them into Mandarin, and it also speaks them with the original voice of the speaker.

This technology has been shown before in Sci-Fi movies, but it seems that this time is very close to a real-world implementation. Early research began 60 years ago, and so far, the best systems systems had an error rate of 20-25%. It seems that system created by Microsoft is much better.

To develop this technology, Microsoft has collaborated with the University of Toronto, Canada. All research is based on the theory of deep neural networks, according to which computers learn using a form of digital inspiration the way of the human brain. The researchers were able to make the system understand speech with incredible accuracy. Basically, the error rate was reduced by 30% compared to previous systems.