Nanoparticle that can stop multiple sclerosis

Men of science at Northwestern Medicine research center had a successful discovery in the field of nanotechnology and multiple sclerosis. They have discovered a perishable nanoparticle that seems to be the complete vehicle to stealthily bear an antigen that deceptions the immune system into discontinuing its aggression on myelin, and stop a model of reverting remitting disseminated multiple sclerosis (MS) in mice.  

This discovery can be practiced to a diversity of immune-disorders like Type 1 diabetes, nutrient negative reactions and bronchial asthma. In multiple sclerosis, the immune system aggresses the myelin tissue layer that isolates nerves cells in the brain, optic nerve and spinal cord. When the layer is destroyed, the signals are having a hard time getting from one place to another, consequent in symptoms that chain from mild arm numbness to palsy or sightless. Almost 80% of multiple sclerosis patients have the getting worse postponing variant of the disease.