Work out could improve the quality of sperm

The way we live may have a huge impact on our reproductive capabilities: it has been variably evoked that biking, wearing scrawny jeans,using drugs or using the laptop on your can affect the quality of sperm to some extent. The same speculations stated that healthy habits could improve the quality of sperm.

Men of science at University of Cordoba have gathered the semen from 31 subjects. From those 31, 16 were physically active and 15 were sedentary. Also, scientists have tested their fitness levels in the lab. In order to get more accurate results, the subjects were asked to restrain from sexual activities before the tests. 

Scientist have evaluated the samples, paying attention to volume, sperm count, motility, sperm morphology, color, odor, pH, vitality, viscosity. They have also analyzed the blood samples from every patient, looking for the levels of LH, testosterone and cortisol (a stress hormone). 

The results demonstrated once more that physically active men had a better quality of sperm (faster sperm, high percentage, high sperm concentration). Also, the blood analysis demonstrated that non-sedentary men had higher levels of FSH (important for sperm creation), LH (testosteron secretion) and a higher ratio of T/C (which shows the anabolic vs catabolic status). 

So, if you plan to have children in a near future, you should be more active, do a lot of sport and eat healthy.