Do we live in a Matrix World?

The idea that we live in a Matrix-like world is not new. In fact, many scientists say that it is possible to test whether our world is real or a computer simulation. 

In 2003, Nick Bostrom, a professor of philosophy at the University of Oxford, published a paper called The Simulation Argument, arguing that it is most likely we live in a computer simulation world. Now, several researchers at Cornell University are trying to find a viable method of testing to see if we, as humans, are a string of numbers into a computer. Scientists at the University of Washington say that this theory can be tested. A similar idea came from German researchers, in November. 

How to test if our world is real or imaginary?

Researchers say that they can use a technique named latticequantum chromodynamics. In simple words, they will use computer simulation and they will try to build their own models. 

The idea that we live in a computer simulation is not new. In 1977, the famous science fiction writer Philip K. Dick was convinced this is true: 

Going forward with the idea, Professor Martin Savage says that the same principle used in creating these simulations can be applied to a larger scale to see what happens to the universe in which we live. This could be the first signature test the idea, and if they simulate large enough, they can even create an universe like ours.

One of Savage's students went even further, and she believes that we could communicate with the civilization that created us. Zohreh Davoudi said that whoever did simulate our universe could have done other simulations. The question arises: if we can communicate with other worlds if they use the same platform? This is based on Multiverse theory.