Earth hit stronger than everybody thought

global warming

A study published in Nature Geoscience raised many questions that we need to be aware of. The Earth's temperatures rise sharply in western Antarctica, twice faster than originally estimated.

From 1958 until now, average temperatures have risen by 2.4 degrees Celsius. This phenomenon affects not only that region but the entire world, because the world's oceans will rise and many coastal villages are now under seriously threat. Forbes magazine writes that risks of something bad to happen in those areas are 2 times higher than researchers originally thought.

David Bromwich, a researcher at  Ohio University, said that the western part of the ice face twice a warming than it was previously anticipated. In order to reach to these conclusions, the researchers made ​​a thorough study. They took data recorded by meteorologists at Byrd Station and filled the gaps using advanced mathematical and computer modeling. Using all these techniques, they managed to better estimate the global warming. Everything points to the fact that West Antarctica is the region of the World that melts the fastest.

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