What can we expect from future smartphones

I ask myself this question over and over again: what can we expect from future smartphones? Everything is getting so fast these days, and every year we see better products at affordable prices. 

According to current trends, future smartphones will have ultra speeds comparable to today's laptops. The storage capacity is not a problem anymore, since they've managed to fit 1 TB of indormation on a single usb stick. In few years, most flagship smartphones will have over 256GB of storage memory and at least 4GB of Ram. With all these specs, you would believe that there is no need for computers anymore. True!

The age of smartphones
I believe that in few years, we will use our smartphones instead of laptops. You may ask how is that possible since we still need large display, keyboards and a mouse to perform our tasks quickly. Well, one solution could be to have all these peripherals at our working place or in our homes and to pair our smartphones with them at need. So, the future smartphone could work just as today's desktop, sending and receiving data from displays, keyboards and mouse. The current Smart TVs already have the pairing options that allows us to control it using our smartphone. There is one single step from this point to my future prediction. Do you think it's possible?