Wii-like PS3 Controller Spotted Online

With just a week to go before the E3 games show, there's bound to be a lot of speculation, which is why I'm somewhat unsure about this being the much-rumoured motion-sensing controller for the PS3.

Peripherals maker, Just Play listed this 'JPG-9003 PS3 2.4GHz Wireless Handgun', photographed [Photoshopped?] with a new looking PS3 remote - which just happens to look very like a blacked-up Wiimote.

--- This unique controller is fully compatible with PS3 console. No word about the compatibility with PS4 connsole
--- It's suited for all PS3 gun fighting games
--- Supports multi-loop signals without any interference for many
players playing simultaneously
--- Force signal connect
--- Combines PS3 controller with gun stand for enhancing the operation
--- Can be easily dismantled to use as PS3 wireless controller
--- 2 x AAA alkaline batteries can provide at least 10 hours power continuously
--- Working distance is up to 10m
--- Auto scan function between the gun and receiver

If you want to see more such devices, you should check these modded controllers for Playstation 3

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